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Learn about your inner child and uncover your higher self.

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Writer, artist, single mom and your
go-to-gal for everything REAL and spiritual!

I’m here to help support you on your path of self-discovery, self-love, and personal development! I truly believe my purpose in this life is to equip you with as many tools as possible by teaching you everything you need to truly manifest your highest self. All by harnessing the power of spirituality, and healing your inner child through practical means!

What truly brings me joy? When I am able to bring awareness to peoples lives through my writing and video content. By doing this, we all can achieve elevated consciousness!

I understand you’re here because you probably feel broken down. A place in your life where nothing makes sense, you’re lost in your identity, and the self-doubt and unworthiness has officially stopped you in your tracks. The path to true alignment is tough, but not impossible. I will help you take your power back!


There is a lot to learn when about ones spiritual path. Self doubt and the feeling of unworthiness are big obstacles! I help you build up your knowledge base and give you the confidence you need.


These will help you with your personal development, self-love and self-acceptance. Step by step guides on meditation exercises, inner child healing, affirmations, scripting, tips, advice, and more!


There is only so much you can learn by guides and articles! Courses and challenges are the real deal and help you adapt to a more conscious living by challenging yourself to learn new practical habits.

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Lets get to know each other better! Visit my channel where you and I can sit down, share tea, and relate on some real issues when you focus and get INTENTIONAL on your path to personal development and higher conscious living!

See you there!


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